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The Largest Collection of Telecommunication Memorabilia in Queensland.

The Old Days.

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Queensland Telecommunications Museum
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From message sticks to mobile phones.
Spanning tens of thousands of years

The Old Days.

There has always been a need to communicate from the time that there were two beings of any kind.

From Ancient Aboriginal Message Sticks to Today's Mobile Telephone.. Spanning ten of thousands of years.

Musgrave 1958

J T (Jack) Parker. Peninsular Lineman

The Old Pole at Musgrave in 1957. This pole still stands today. The date 1887 is cut into this pole.

Les Robinson Car

Technician Les Robinson built this car on an old Model A Ford chassis during his spare time at Coen after retirement he drove the car to Melbourne

Telegraph Office

Moreton Telegraph Station 1959

Built in 1887 demolished in 1960's

Cape York Carrier Terminal

The remains of Cape York Carrier Terminal as it looks today


Dated 24th September 1924


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